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Book cover, your business strategy for the intangible future


There are two consistent threads woven through the fabric of business: the tangible and the intangible. The tangible includes physical assets, products, and infrastructure, which are immediately recognizable and quantifiable. By contrast, the intangible encompasses emotions, creativity, knowledge, brand, company culture, intellectual property, data, and artificial intelligence (AI). They remain behind the scenes, yet profoundly influence outcomes. As the business landscape evolves, mastering the distinctive roles and synergies of the tangible and intangible becomes crucial for business owners, leaders, and executives.


YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY FOR THE INTANGIBLE FUTURE offers a theoretical framework and practical tools for executives to decode, comprehend, and navigate this expansive and rapidly changing territory. By bridging the gap between tangible assets and intangible forces, leaders can unlock opportunities for innovation, growth, and lasting success in today’s business landscape.

The future of business will be defined by the effective integration of the tangible and intangible. Those capable of this integration will lead the way in shaping the business world of tomorrow.


YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY FOR THE INTANGIBLE FUTURE is designed to be as dynamic and unconventional as the topics it covers. With a blend of humor and unique design elements, it's a thought experiment and a playground of ideas that will both challenge and entertain you.

 A Must-Read for 

 Business Innovators! 

Your business strategy for the intangible future, book pages

What's Inside?

  • Innovative Insights: Explore new perspectives on the future of business.


  • Fresh Vocabulary: Articulate your futuristic visions with a newly acquired lexicon.


  • Practical Tools: Enhance your strategies for business development, competitor analysis, and ecosystem creation.

This book is specifically designed for:

  • Business Leaders: CEOs, executives, and managers who are steering their companies through the complexities of today's market will find invaluable insights to stay ahead.

  • Strategists: Business strategists and planners looking to integrate cutting-edge concepts into their methodologies will discover a wealth of resources.

  • Consultants: Management consultants and advisors seeking fresh perspectives and innovative tools to guide their clients will find this book particularly beneficial.

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