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"The strategic interplay of the tangible and intangible is more than just a theoretical concept, it’s a practical approach to tomorrow’s business."

Elevate your event or strategy session with a transformative keynote speech

Are you looking for a way to infuse your event or strategy session with fresh energy and innovative insights? As a seasoned keynote speaker, Miikka specializes in providing tailored speaking services that cater to a diverse range of corporate audiences. His presentations are designed to do more than just inform – they inspire, offering new perspectives and important considerations that can reshape the way you view your business landscape.

Why choose Miikka?

  • Fresh Viewpoints: Miikka brings novel perspectives to familiar challenges, helping you see your business in a new light.

  • Spotting Competitive Advantages: His insights can be pivotal in identifying and leveraging your unique strengths in the marketplace.

  • Creating a Shared Vocabulary: Miikka’s speeches help unify your team under a common language, facilitating better communication and collaboration.

  • Strategic Framework: He provides a structured approach to thinking that can be instrumental in your strategic planning.


Aim: To wake up and inspire your audience, setting a positive tone for the event.

Audience: Perfectly suited for larger events.

in-depth session

Aim: To lay a solid foundation for your strategic work, diving deeper into key concepts and ideas.

Audience: Ideal for medium or small groups, encouraging more engaged and focused discussions.

Enhance your experience

Consider bundling Miikka’s keynote with interactive workshops.

These sessions are designed to deepen the learning experience, allowing your team to apply new insights in a practical, hands-on environment.


Miikka’s keynote addresses are available in both onsite and online formats, ensuring accessibility and convenience regardless of your event’s location. Embracing a commitment to environmental sustainability, Miikka offers these flexible options to reduce the carbon footprint associated with travel. By opting for an online keynote or workshop, you not only connect with cutting-edge insights from anywhere in the world but also contribute to eco-friendly practices. For onsite events, Miikka ensures that his travel and presentation methods are aligned with sustainable principles, minimizing environmental impact.

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