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Immaterial Map Workshops

Transform challenges into opportunities with Immaterial Map workshops

Transform challenges into opportunities with Immaterial Map workshops

Are you navigating through unprecedented changes in your environment? Anticipating shifts that could reshape your industry? Seeking fresh perspectives to rejuvenate stagnant thinking?

Does your team struggle to articulate and
discuss these abstract shifts?

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Immaterial Map Workshop - a catalyst for innovation, clarity, and strategic transformation. Our workshops are designed not just to anticipate change but to become the drivers of it. Here's how the Immaterial Map can revolutionize your approach:

  1. Unlock new perspectives: Break free from conventional thinking and explore innovative viewpoints.

  2. Clarify and focus: Identify and eliminate non-essential elements, streamlining your operations for efficiency.

  3. Understand roles and processes: Gain insight into how each component of your business contributes to the bigger picture.

  4. Rediscover customer-centricity: Align your strategies with customer needs and expectations.

  5. Foster collaboration: Bring together key personnel, empowering them with tools to discuss elusive concepts and develop a shared vocabulary for the future.

A Tangible Outcome:
Your Business's Shared Map

Immaterial map with post-it notes.png

The culmination of the Immaterial Map Workshop is not just theoretical insight, but a practical, physical artifact: a shared map for your business. This map is a strategic tool, charting the course for what comes next. But its value extends beyond mere planning. With your map displayed on the wall, complex topics become accessible and easier to navigate, fostering ongoing dialogue and collaboration.

Benefits of the Immaterial Map workshop:

  • Assists you in evaluating your existing strategy.

  • Enables you to analyze competitor’s strategies.

  • Provides a platform for discovery.

  • Helps simplify your offering and your story.

  • Finds synergies between business units and partners.

  • Serves as a foundation for your tactical work.

  • Creates a common language for the future.

Our Approach:
Efficient and Tailored

Recognizing the  importance of time  in strategy development, our workshops are  designed for maximum efficiency.  Customized to your unique needs, we focus on hours of impactful engagement rather than days. Available both  onsite and online,  our workshops adapt seamlessly to your preferences, ensuring a smooth and productive experience.

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