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For seasoned strategists, consultants, facilitators and thought leaders seeking to profoundly influence organizational futures, our Expert Immaterial Map Package offers the ultimate toolkit. This version is specifically crafted to navigate the complexities of intangible assets in business, providing a deeper, more nuanced understanding of how these elements interact and impact your strategic landscape.

What’s Included?

Comprehensive Expert Manual: This detailed guide offers sophisticated insights and methodologies for applying the Immaterial Map effectively. It's designed to support facilitators in creating transformative strategies and innovative solutions.

Advanced PDF and PowerPoint Versions of the Map: Tailored for dynamic use in high-stakes environments, these resources are optimized for detailed strategic analysis and presentation, ensuring that you can communicate complex ideas with clarity and impact. Gain deeper insights that go beyond the basics, helping you to leverage the full potential of the Immaterial Map.

Why Choose the Expert Package?

Drive Transformation: Equip yourself with the tools to guide companies through major strategic overhauls and to innovate within competitive markets.

Enhance Strategic Dialogue: Foster a richer strategic dialogue within your organization or with clients, using a shared framework that clarifies the role and impact of intangible assets.

Empower Decision-Making: With a focus on both the tangible and intangible aspects of business, this package helps leaders make informed, forward-thinking decisions that can redefine their competitive edge.

Dive deeper into strategic exploration and master the art of mapping the intangible. With the Expert Immaterial Map Package, you're not just planning for the future; you're shaping it. For more detailed guidance get the book “Your Business Strategy for the intangible Future”.

Expert Immaterial Map Package

19,00 €Price
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