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This free package is crafted for ease of use and immediate application. It's an excellent choice for those who are beginning to explore the strategic impacts of intangible assets without the commitment of more complex tools.

This design thinking tool version includes essential tools to begin your journey towards mastering intangible business elements.

What's Included?

A Simple Manual: Get a jumpstart with our easy-to-follow manual that guides you through the fundamentals of using the Immaterial Map.

PDF and PowerPoint Versions of the Map: Flexible formats that fit right into your ongoing projects and presentations, allowing you to apply the Immaterial Map effectively across your strategic and innovation initiatives.
Dive Deeper
To fully leverage the potential of the Immaterial Map, we recommend reading "Your Business Strategy for the Intangible Future." This book expands on the concepts introduced in the map and provides deeper insights into navigating the increasingly intangible landscape of business.

Free Immaterial Map Package

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