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Ever think about what you’re really selling with your products or services? Sometimes, it's not just the item or service itself, but the time and convenience it offers. That's where the Intangible Value Ladder comes in. This tool helps you see the bigger picture of what you’re offering to your customers.


It's a straightforward way to figure out the real value behind what you sell. This could be the time your customers save or the intangible benefits they gain, like a sense of achievement or peace of mind. Understanding this can help you shape your sales pitch, marketing, and messaging to connect better with your audience.


The Intangible Value Ladder is easy to use design thinking tool and can make a big difference in how you think about and talk about your product or service. It’s great for anyone looking to get clearer on what they’re really selling and how to communicate that to customers.


If you're interested in getting a fresh perspective on your value proposition and finding new ways to talk about your business, download the Intangible Value Ladder. It could be the tool you need to refine your approach and make your offering stand out.

Intangible Value Ladder

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